Yule Tide ~ Christmas Tree

Imagine your Yule or Christmas Eve in a household of youngling Dragons! Or perhaps you are already familiar? Then Fortunate you are!

Filled to overflowing with details, such as the three little dragons climbing in the branches, Candy Canes, Chain Garland, Swarovski Crystal Ornaments, gaily wrapped Gifts...et al ~ feel free to change or add to this list to personalize for yourself or a Loved One!

For changes in design, email me for price, please!


Peace On Earth Dragon


Eager to express our collective sentiments & wishes for World Peace & Harmony, Emerald joins St. Nick in the Spirit of the Winter Solstice Season!

(Click photo for front and back view!)



Samhain ~ The Halloween Dragon

Removable Clay "Candy Corn" included, or use your own Sweet Treats instead!
$88 + shipping

Valentine Dragons

Dragons just adore these Classic Valentine Treats & will gladly convey your lovin' feelings to your own Darlin' SweetHeart!

Request any of these 3 designs, ($38 for Nestlings, $48 for Fledglings, $58 for Tealight), in any colors you wish.

Choose from this list of messages, or create your own! Please keep it short, the space is petite.


Liberty Dragon

Yes, Proudly does "Liberty" bear Old Glory, proclaiming the the cry of ALL people oppressed & striving to determine their own Destiny ~ Vive la liberte!

$78 + shipping