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August 26-October 8, 2023
New York Renaissance Festival
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Welcome to Dragon Folk Studios, Creating New Worlds since 1991

"They call themselves Dragon Folk ~ The Humans, Dragons, Fairies & others who dwell in my Homeland. Not one of them am I for Forest Foundling I be. Raised by Dragons, my Origins, Humble or Noble are unknown. Allow me, Gentle Reader, to enlighten you about my Foster Family, for I must Right some Wrongs."

From "Legends of Dragon Folk ~ Wing Tales"

Thus read the first words Carrie L. Rutherford wrote about the enchanted realm wherein she dwells & from this concept, she created Dragon Folk Studios! Ever since, Miss Carrie has been creating sculptures in polymer clay of the Wizards, Dragons, Fairies & other Magical Creatures inhabiting her realm. Candleholders, incense burners & business card holders mostly they are... for Miss Carrie is of a practical... if whimsical... nature.

Combining her Artistic Talents & Your Wishes, she also creates Caricature Portraits of Pets, People & Special Vignettes at your request, all with her distinctive, irreverent sense of humor!

Also a Wood Carver, the results of her partnership with the Psyche held within humble chunks of wood can be found as Carved Goblets, Challises, Bowls & Wood Spirits.

Fyne Fragrances as Incense & Oils for your Soulful Pleasure, await as well...

So Venture Forth, Friend & be Welcome... Explore the Realm of Dragon Folk Studios!