Custom Pieces

Combining her Artistic Talents & Your Wishes, she also creates Caricature Portraits of Pets, People & Special Vignettes at your request, all with her distinctive, irreverent sense of humor!

Let’s make a Custom Piece

Imagine the Fantasy ~ BECOME the Fantasy! Whether it’s a simple color change for a Dragon Folk Classic Design, or a Flash of Brilliance from within your OWN Vision, you may Collaborate with me and so be instrumental in the creation! Here’s how to begin:

Fill out the form below then I will:

• Consider your ideas and reply.
• You and I will then design your vision together by email.
• I’ll provide a Details List for you to review and to make changes,
• Tell you how much this will cost and when I can send your piece to you.
• Provide a safe, easy Payment Link. When you complete the Payment Link, you will have assured your place in my Request Queue, unless you and I have made previous arrangements.
• Simple and FUN! Have Questions about this process? Complete the form below and ask away ~ I’m Here To Help!