Here Be Leprechauns!

"Scully ThornApple" is his name & 'tis certainly not HIS wish to bein' captured! Several Fairys & one very naughty Unicorn are responsible for this silly-buggers prank (Leprechauns can indeed be dangerous & setting traps quite unwise!) but Scully will simply bide his time a master escape artist is he! But if needs be, your wish he will grant & Quickly.. for Scully must dash off to tend the Poteen 'Still!

Though many folks these days think of Leprechauns only in connection with St. Patrick's Day Celebrations, "Scully ThornApple" & all his kin hold Grand Revels at Beltane (May 1st) & Halloween as well, for Fortunes Fyne always follow Magic!

Whether in Minikin Design (Captured or Not) or larger with an Emerald Green TeaLight, Both versions are full of details, from Shillelagh to Shamrocks to the legendary Pot 'O Gold... Celebrate St. Patrick's Day EVERY Good Fortune follows Magic!

Captured And Minikin Scully ThornApple (cage height: 4 3/4")


Minikin (Front)

Minikin (Back)


Tea Light Scully ThornApple (6 1/2" high): $178