Candleglow Fairies of the Clan Pilfer

There is more to the Fairy Realms than one might expect! Imagine Candleglow Fairy Lasses and Lads flitting through dark & quiet Pine Forests…after lifting your car keys and hiding them in the ‘fridge! These rapscallions love to “borrow” little possessions of the Big Folk, (like your Granddad’s Pocket Watch, a favorite vanity Mirror, your treasured Crystal Ball, your carefully hidden Pot ‘O Gold) usually returning them, just not necessarily to where those possessions belong! Occasionally, a gift from field or forest such as a Pumpkin, Mushroom or Acorn is given to replace whatever these Tricksters have filched!

Use the LED Tea Light and they will become a reassuring Night Light for your Child or Grandchild and will surely bring Sweet Dreams.

Includes a Glass Tea Light Holder, an LED Tea Light Candle and a Wax Tea Light Candle

Swarovski Crystal accents

3 ½” – 4” high