NEW - Natural Pet Portraits!

Tis delighted I'll be to create a loving tribute to your favorite pet or breed dressed in Renaissance Festival Finery!

Any breed or mix may be ordered with your pet's name or breed included:

8 Ball (Before)

8 Ball (After)

Here is an example of how I can change an existing design (In this case the Jack Russel) to suit your needs, Dear Reader! Changing genders poses no problem!

The following images are examples and may be ordered "as is":

A Great Dane ~ As Hamlet! -- $400

Jack Russel

Siamese "Sammy"





The following images are custom orders from 2005-2015:

Frog Dude with Pipe Incense Burner

Sometimes, the objective of a collaborative design is not to interpret a Pet or Person, but rather a Concept! Perhaps some of you will recognize the sweater that "The Big Lebowski Frog Dude" is wearing? My Clever Client asked me to create this ~ ummm, Pet Portrait/Nearabout Portrait with a particular friend in mind! One of the details requested was an incense burning pipe as well as a comfy Lilly Pad. Perfect choice for existential musings, says I!

Email me ~ ~ for pricing and collaboration assistance!

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