Some of you have asked for a less complex design for a Caricature of a pet. So... I have taken a favorite photo of my own constant companion, "Vinny" (a 6 year old Border Collie Mix)& created something NEW...

"Natural Pet Portraits"!

This should show you another way of creating a design sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

(I need as many photos as you can manage so I can accurately portray individual markings & expressions!)

(starting at) $300.00 plus shipping

~Email or phone for more details~

Here are more examples of Dog Breeds (Cats, Birds, Ferrets, etc. will follow ASAP)

If you prefer, I will create a portrait of your favorite breed without photos! With or without an Incense Burner, Tea Light Candle Holder, or Business Card Holder

Other breeds/species are easy to order - just select "other" from the drop down list and type in your selection in the box provided. $250.00



Jack Russel Terrier

Golden Retriever


Custom Requests

Click on photos for my Clients original Pix!

Snoopy (Custom)

Gini (Custom)

Odyssey (custom)

"Mosambique" Oriental Shorthair (custom)

"Popeye" Yellow Naped Amazon (Custom)

"Ogre" Bull Mastiff

KC, Taury, Rayne & Carly

While this was a Very Complex Collaboration, it was also a JOY to create! My Client sent many more than you see here, but this grouping of photos shows every day snapshots that gave me all I needed!

"Cody" a Bichon Frise

"Perry" a Bichon Frise

"Guy" a Pug

"Wilbur Pig" With a LadyBug on his Top Hat

Pink Flamingo On Vacation

"Ivy & Morighana" With Wine Goblet

"Princess" ~ a Beautiful Beagle

King Charles Cavalier

Wall Mounted Leash Holders

A Brandy New Design for your Consideration...Wall Mounted Leash Holders!

Border Collie w/Tire Jump Agility Equipment

Old English Sheep Dog w/Chute Agility Equipment

Mio the Leopard Gecko

"Daisy" a sweet mix breed with Greyhound, Whippet & Retriever influences

Lobo ~ A Samoyed (with his favorite food & water bowls)

Three Best Friends (Long Hair Dachshund, Japanese Spits & Schnauzer Mix ~ w/special appearance by Squirrel)

Hope & Champ On the Patio

Giraffe with her Hookah - "Penelope"

Frog Dude with Pipe Incense Burner

Sometimes, the objective of a collaborative design is not to interpret a Pet or Person, but rather a Concept! Perhaps some of you will recognize the sweater that "The Big Lebowski Frog Dude" is wearing? My Clever Client asked me to create this ~ ummm, Pet Portrait/Nearabout Portrait with a particular friend in mind! One of the details requested was an incense burning pipe as well as a comfy Lilly Pad. Perfect choice for existential musings, says I!

Email me ~ ~ for pricing and collaboration assistance!