At long last, after so many requests; may I offer you, dear Reader, an Exciting Idea?
A Humorous Portrait of yourself or a Loved One! Here are some examples from recent orders:

"Mess With The Dress, Get Kilt!" (with Dragon Skull)

Terri & Gregory's Wedding

Captain Kenny Morgan (Design inspired by Captain Morgan himself!)

Robin Daniel Hood

Mystical Electric

My Interpretation of a Client's business logo: "Mystical Electric"
Email for pricing!

The Lovely Lady Kimberly & The Gallant Lord James

The Lovely Lady Kimberly & The Gallant Lord James I will have with me, at Fyne Art Shows, photos that I took expressly for this piece. Costume changes, Boot & Jewelry details are included for your review!

Cowboy Samurai

Merchild and Her Dragon BFF

A day at the ocean side for two best friends!

George Bingaman
(Click to see before & after!)

(Click to see before & after!)

(Click to see before & after!)

Rob & Isabella
(Click to see before & after!)

T. Edwin Doss

Renaissance Festival Devote

Josh Rifkin

Wedding Cake Topper

Some of you folks have asked to see photos of the people that you see here as Caricatures. This is usually difficult because I receive many photos in many forms of dress & expression from which I create the design that my client has requested. However, here I have taken a favorite photo of my dear Husband ...& added stacks of books & an item or 2 to show a few of his many & varied interests!

This should show you all another way of creating a design sure to become a treasured family heirloom.



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