Here you will find examples of my intriguing collaborative concept, The Nearabout Portraits!

Less formal & smaller than The People Portraits so I need fewer photos ~ often one will do as you will see.

Collaborative creating with you is a particular joy for me, and my Clients agree ~ We can make Magic together!

Pricing will vary depending on the complexity of design, but will generally be less than the People Portraits ~ between $150 and $350.

Frog Dude with Pipe Incense Burner

Sometimes, the objective of a collaborative design is not to interpret a Pet or Person, but rather a Concept! Perhaps some of you will recognize the sweater that "The Big Lebowski Frog Dude" is wearing? My Clever Client asked me to create this ~ ummm, Pet Portrait/Nearabout Portrait with a particular friend in mind! One of the details requested was an incense burning pipe as well as a comfy Lilly Pad. Perfect choice for existential musings, says I!

Email me ~ ~ for pricing and collaboration assistance!


Darryl & Michelle

Whiskey Girl

Sometimes, just 1 or 2 features of a face are this case, Glasses, Hair & Beauty Mark!

Ms. Solange, RN

Nurses are truly "Angels On Earth" as the book, titled by this perceptive Client, proclaims from the Ramparts! For this Request, photos were not required, but Wishes for many Personalised Details were desired... & Granted! "Betony BayBerry" was the starting point & "Arissa" features substituted to create a Special Gift!

Wisteria Reading To Cats with Coffee

Lots of special detail requests! Wisteria Fairy with 3 cats, coffee cup & reading a book of Cat Adventure Tales!

Naked & Dancin' & Blowin' Harp!

This piece was requested by Robert (Hoff) Hoffman, collector of unique Harmonica Cases! 'Tis honored am to be included!

With Harmonica

Without Harmonica

Baseball Fairy (any Team!) $225

Ballpark price depending on design changes!




(Client Photo)

Wisteria & Wintergreen Celebrate Solstice!



Danny, Daniel & Ariah



Client Photo

The Merfolk Wedding!

Mystical Electric

My Interpretation of a Client's business logo: "Mystical Electric"
Email for pricing!

The Mad Trombone Man The Mad Trombone Man is a fyne example of the Magic that you & I can create together. When visiting DFS at a Fyne Art Show, my Client saw the "Mad Musicians" on display & when he realised by my signage, that I will create the piece that you envision, decided that this would make the perfect gift for his son!

We spoke, & after the show, he emailed the pics & design ideas to me. With a suggestion or 2 from me & after his approval, I began my process. The gracious Thank You note my Client sent certainly brightened this Artist's day!

Gary at Leisure

Ben, Wizard's Apprentice

Allie & Ginny 1

Allie & Ginny 2

Mary Lynn & Abby 1

Mary Lynn & Abby 2