(Cone Incense Burners!)

A stroll through the forest, particularly at twilight and Dawn, will reveal dwellings of wee Fey Creatures to even the most casual observers. Add a cone of your favorite incense fragrance and one can imagine a supper stew simmering in a bubbling pot on the hearth or new bread baking to welcome a new day as smoke rises from magical chimneys!

Pix of more designs will appear soon, but perhaps you have a vision for your own Fey Haven Concept? Custom Requests are Encouraged! Email your ideas to collaborate with me if you wish... letís create together!

I created this design for use with "The Fynest Incense In The Realm" ~ Small size Cones. Hand crafted with all food safe ingredients, it is the ONLY incense I use in my own home and studios and is what I use to test every Clever Cone Incense Burner that I create.

Other incense MAY burn hotter due to chemical additives and cause damage to your little friend. I include several FREE samples with each Request and you can order all the magical aromas here. Order in bulk for some nifty savings!



Stone Cottage Haven

Price: $188
Size: Approx. 5" high

Pumpkin Haven

Price: $188
Size: Approx. 4 1/2" high

Mushroom Haven

Price: $188
Size: Approx. 5 1/2" high