Dragon on a Shroom - A little dragon is perched a-top of a cone incense burner mushroom. Incense smoke curls up from inside through the top of the cap.

Price: $62.00

Several Very Clever Clients recently requested this Cone Incense Burner, and unable to resist the temptation, I redesigned the concept!

If you don't see your colors of choice in the dropdown, just type them in the "Comments" box on the order page. Need inspiration? Check out "The Amazing Smoking Mushrooms"!

For Small DFS Incense Cones Only:
I created this design for use with "The Fynest Incense In The Realm" ~ Small size Cones. Hand crafted with all food safe ingredients, it is the ONLY incense I use in my own home and studios and is what I use to test every Clever Cone Incense Burner that I create.

Other incense MAY burn hotter due to chemical additives and cause damage to your little friend. I include several FREE samples with each Request and you can order all the magical aromas here. Order in bulk for some nifty savings!

Wintergreen on a Sapphire 'Shroom

Wintergreen on a Sapphire 'Shroom

Pearl on a Rose 'Shroom

Sapphire on a Plum 'Shroom

Flame on an Emerald 'Shroom

Marigold on an Autumn 'Shroom

Topaz on a Hemp 'Shroom

Henna on a Topaz 'Shroom

Emerald on a Flame 'Shroom