The most Accomplished Graduates of "Enchantment University", these Dragons are eager to perform a multitude of tasks! A Stick Incense Burner, with either a Tea Light Holder, Votive Holder or Brass Cone Incense Burner (w/ Swarovski Crystal Talons)

$58.00 (with Tealight or Brass Incense Burner or Votive)
$68.00 (with Leafy Vines & Swarovski Crystal Berries)

Request as many Creatures as you wish...there is only 1 shipping charge!


New pics below, with more to follow soon!



Wintergreen w/Burner

Sapphire w/Votive

Flame (front)

Flame (back)

Hemp (front)

Hemp (back)

Sapphire (front)

Sapphire (back)

Wintergreen (front)

Wintergreeen (back)

Rose (front)

Rose (back)

Emerald (front)

Emerald (back)

Topaz (front)

Topaz (back)