Now here's a thought... a tiny Dragon, exploring the Enchantment Workshop... climbs in a cauldron where quite naturally, the lovely aromas of the Fynest Incense in the Realm are merrily wafting out and around the curious little tyke!

A small Brass Incense Burner is implanted in the bottom, waiting for you to enjoy your Favorite Scent! More pix coming soon. To view all colors go to "The Fledgling Dragons"

*If selecting "other color" type in your own color(s) in the "Comments" Box within the order page!

$58 + shipping


Click on any of the Dragons for a close up view!









Fantasy Football Cauldron
(Miami Dolphins)

This is a client's recent Request combining his passions for Dragons, Incense and the Miami Dolphins!

Have an idea with which to Personalize your favorite design? Email for a Price Quote!

Two Dragons In A Cauldron Cone Incense Burner

Here is a larger Cauldron with DOUBLE the dragon trouble ~ A Custom Request from a very clever client! This design has a base and two little Wine Goblets as well.

I'll create this in any color combination you wish, with or without the little Spectacles ~ just make note of your choices in an email to me and ask for a price quote. (