With or without a Brass Incense Burner or Glass Tea Light Holder
Approximately 5 1/2" high

Give your Dragons something to protect, to guard with their lives as precious to you and their laser beam focus will keep them from creating utter Havoc within your halls! Ever the multi-taskers, with an LED Tea Light (provided Free by request instead of the wax tea light), they will serve your child as a comforting Faerie Tale Night Light!

Choose from amongst my Archetypes or create your own Custom Request using the Nifty Drop Downs... the price (at this time) is the same!

(The price reflects this design in any color with Burner or Tea Light and your 3 Book Title Choices. Keep the character count low, similar to what you see here as this is a very small space. More design changes, additions or questions? EMAIL dragonfolkstudios@gmail.com to collaborate with me!

Note: Check out other Dragon Pages for Colors!

For Fantasy Fanatics

For Shakespeare Devotees
Much Ado
Midsummer Night's Dream

For Vampire Freaks
True Blood
Van Helsing

For Jane Austen Enthusiasts
Pride And Prejudice
Mansfield Park

For Faerie Tale Zealots
Hansel And Gretel


Include a free LED Tea Light?
Yes: No:

A Custom Request

An example of a Custom Request from a Client whose interests included Fantasy genres and Paganism. She asked me to choose the titles ~ I'm always happy to help with your choices should confusion reign in your Realm!


Include a free LED Tea Light?
Yes: No:

Title 1:

Title 2:

Title 3: