fast times at the faire

By Herb Diehl and a wonderfully talented collection of musicians... The Eldergreen Band

60 minutes of post-punk-neo- traditionalist-renaissance-folk-fusion! Featuring some familiar renaissance tunes, lesser known celtic rooted songs, and some of Herb's original music. (Anyone who has spent much time at faire needs to check out "Renaissance Man" and "Ramblin' Rennie")
CD - $12.00 *** Tape - $8.00


The Songs
Peggy Gordon
Fast Times At The Faire
Gilgara Mountain
Barbry Allen
Renaissance Man
John Barleycorn
Step It Up Mary
Borgies Bonny Belle
Ramblin' Rennie

The Players
Herb Diehl - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Voice
Mike Slusser - Mandolin
Scott Robinson - Bouzouki, Concertina
Barby Holder - Hammered Dulcimer, Voice
Matt Richardson - Dumbek, Percussion
Chris Martinez - Dumbek, Percussion