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- In Loving Memory Of Herb Diehl -

Tom Foolery

Music & laughter cannot be seperated in DragonFolk - the very soul of the realm is bound to these earthly joys! Tom wanders the paths & byways, wending his way though the hearts and live sof any who would listen to his song! All who do, are richer by far.

Comes with many details:
Sunglasses, drum, tamborine, money pouch, pan pipes - to name just a few!
Price: $475.00


New Variations!

Any of the versions of Tom Foolery below may be purchased "as is", or may be custom ordered with your choice of musical instrument ($15.00 ea. - no additional shipping charge) and with or without the peg votive holders shown. To place an order for a custom Tom Foolery, please contact me by phone, email, or snail mail.

See People Portraits for a full list of available accessories.

Alt 1 - $208
Tom w/gituar, pan pipes, drum, and peg votive holder.


Alt 2 - $190
Tom w/gituar, pan pipes, and peg votive holder.


Alt 3 - $175
Tom w/gituar and peg votive holder.


Alt 4 - $175
Tom Foolery with Travel Guitar & Tea Light Holder