Rama - Master and protector of the environment. Round of cheek and belly, Rama is a warm and thoughtful soul, rousing to anger only when the wild life which he protects is threatened by ignorance or malice. With incense burner pipe, glasses, and glass votive holder.

With tea light, $228.00

Now with new tea light holders!


Rama's Enchanted Tomato Patch

Rama Rama is keeping current on the best Organic Gardening methods ~ magnifying the Magic!
Price: $248


Ramas Enchanted Harvest

Rama's Enchanted Harvest
At the turn of the seasons, Rama reaps the joy of all his labors...much to the benefit of all who dwell in Dragon Folk!

He has worn out the knee of his overalls & both bandanna & handkerchief have served well. Now perhaps Phoebe Meadowsweet will help out with laundry & mending chores!



Rama In the garden

As early as possible (like ALL Gardening Enthusiasts) Rama will be found in his beloved Vegetable Patch,(Organic of course!) digging, planting & ever confident in his Magical Growing Skills & Spells!

$288 + shipping