Merry and glad tidings,
How can one doubt there is magic in this world?

Truth in the eyes of your child,
Honesty in the eyes of your parents,
Love in the heart of your mate

Kindness can enchant with untold power-
So little effort is required and it multiplies and magnifies the more it is evoked. Yes, magic certainly does exist, I rely on it every day!

Walk in Balance and grow with Grace

A special thank-you

Herb and I would again wish to thank you, our Patrons, for the wonderful support you continue to give so generously. Your smiles and kind words mean more to us than words can say. Thank you for allowing two humble Artists to continue to do the work that we love.

Our appreciation is also given to the managements of the Georgia Renaissance Festival, the New York Renaissance Faire, Sugarloaf Mountain works, Rose Squared Productions and Penns Colony, without whom we couldn't live the life we have chosen. Your support of the arts and artists and your continuing efforts to maintain the highest of standards, challenges us and feeds our ambitions.

Walk in balance and believe in your infinite possibilities!
Carrie L Rutherford
Herbert L Diehl

A Note from Herb -
Many thanks for your concern and good vibes during my recent health problems. Sincere apologies to anyone who was disappointed to not find me at some previously scheduled shows.