wing talesJoin three young Dragons as they are tested & challenged by the Mighty Wizards of Dragon Folk toward the ultimate prize: WINGS!

These tales, meant to be read to children, will charm their parents, or anyone who used to be a child.

In Carrie Rutherford's first book, she chronicles a day in the life of three young, wingless dragons. The opportunity to win that precious, responsibility laden commodity is within their grasp... provided, they can convince the Mighty Wizards of Dragon Folk to bestow the honor!

From protecting and caring for our Natural World in "Rama's Tale" and the beauty of Literacy in "Ranel's Tale", to the importance of actually appreciating your Siblings in "Arissa's Tale" and forgetting one's own needs in service to another in "Ashook's Tale", the Wizards (even "Old Scratch"!) allow these bright and lively Dragon Siblings to discover inner strengths and the beginnings of... Wisdom, perhaps?

Reviewed by: Nutmeg Twistytoes,
Woodland Elf of the Clan Spicemist
Resident Faerie Tale Critic-At-Large

Miss Carrie's storytelling talents have delighted her Fine Art clients since 1991, as she regales all who enter her Realm at the New York Renaissance Faire and many Fine Art Shows and Festivals throughout the year with descriptions of her Dragon Folk denizens and histories of the realm. With artistic style that is more "Beatrix Potter" than "Harry Potter", here you will find delightful, gentle Tales with interest for all ages, drawing on insights gained from raising her three children on her own…and "They", quoth she, "are the inspiration for all that I create!"

Reviewed by: Fungus T. Lickslime
A Bogswill Elf, of the Clan Saddass
Editor-In-Chief: The Bloody Chalice Tribune

While Ms. Rutherford's first book, "Legends of Dragon Folk ~ Wing Tales" is an entertaining, even enchanting piece, why would anyone care a rat's patoot about the well being of small dragons? Frankly, I'd sooner stomp the silly buggers. But fine. Go ahead…encourage courage, shine light on shiny imagination…see where it gets you…nowhere but to fulfilling lives transformed with Love & Spirit?? Madness!