What are your sculptures made of?
This is the question I am asked most often. It is called Polymer Clay - a man made compound containing no water, it does not air dry but remains soft until it is fired or baked. An ordinary oven is used since the required temperature is 265 degrees F. This is why I can include interesting materials in my sculptures such as brass, glass, crystal, etc.

The clays are produced in solid color blocks and I create the marbleized effect by mixing the clays together. There is no paint, glaze or molds involved with my process.

You can watch me demonstrate some of my techniques if you visit us at the New York Renaissance Faire. Click here for show schedule.

I love creating with this medium. Though I'm a wood carver at heart, working with these beautiful colors brings me undeniable pleasure and oceans of joy!

To Care for your Polymer Sculpture
1. Never leave burning things unattended. Do not allow smoldering incense or flame to touch clay or wings.
2.Remove dust with a soft brush
3. For a more thorough cleaning, use a mild dish detergent, warm water and a soft brush. Rinse with warm water and let dry or use a hair dryer on low.
4. Remove wax from sculpture with a hair dryer and a soft clean cloth.
5. Repair broken clay or loose gems with Crazy Glue.
6. Polish brass with a Jewelry Polishing Cloth or a good brass polish. Avoid getting polish on the clay. If this happens, remove it immediately. If residue remains on the clay, refer to step #3.