All the Denizens of Dragon Folk have many, varied & Hilarious Pastimes & Professions! These are a few of the more recent Custom Requests, inspired by the "Dragons At Work & Play" Collection. Any of the Magical Creatures who dwell in the realm of Dragon Folk can be Requested in any of the designs you find there & as time goes by, this new, "All Denizens At Work & Play" Collection will Grow!

Visit these pages, Book Loving Fairys & Captured Fairys, Wine Fairys, Mermaids, & Unicorns for the newest photos!

So let your Imagination run Wild & Collaborate with me!

Prices will vary depending on the design requested, so kindly email for this information. The prices listed here will give you a rough guideline.

Whiskey Girl

Sometimes, just 1 or 2 features of a face are this case, Glasses, Hair & Beauty Mark!

Unicorn in your team's colors! ~ $78 + shipping

Musician Fairy w/Flute ~ $88 + shipping

Mermaid Teacher & Her School Of Fish ~ $175 + shipping

Baseball Fairy ~ $225 + shipping

Book Loving Nurse Fairy with Wine goblet ~ $150 + shipping